The All Hollows Series

“A ‘50s-inspired Halloween-esque county linked to Pennsylvania, filled with small towns where witches and warlocks live in safety. A teenage witch with a beast as her familiar. An isolated world threatened by exposure. A young woman who finds her voice. A warlock who finds his soul.” – My very first notes.

Inspired in equal parts by my own clingy black cat and my lifelong love of 50s fashion and music, All Hollows is a world I created in order to escape my own daily grind. It’s a pocket universe tucked away inside the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania, “somewhere between the Allegheny River and Route 666.” Populated solely by witches and warlocks, it’s a precious bubble, isolated by time, that I hope to write many stories about.


The Nestle Ward Trilogy

The first installment in the All Hollows series, the Nestle Ward Trilogy, will follow a teenage witch, Everrose Morgantwill, as she discovers who she is, what she is, and how only she can stop the sky from caving in on her beloved home. I’m proud to announce that the first book is now available! Click the cover for more information!


Lia Sparkles Moc