Gosh, I can actually justify one of these now! Anyway, here are some answers to questions I often get:


What’s going on with the Dearly series? Is there going to be a third book?

That’s a complicated issue–one I’ve talked about before on my blog. The short answer is–I want to continue the series, yes. But that probably won’t happen for a long time.

Random House still owns the rights to both Dearly, Departed and Dearly, Beloved. Until those rights revert back to me, I cannot republish those books myself (in order to control pricing, update the text, offer bundles, etc.)–which means that while I’m perfectly free to release a third book? I don’t particularly want to. I don’t foresee working on a third book until all of the books are back in my control.

Yes, this is sad. So all I can do is offer my apologies, advocate patience, and ask you to stick with me while we both wait it out!


I friended you on Facebook–why didn’t you add me back?

Because you friended my personal account! That account is just for people I actually know in real life–close family and friends. I’m a private person, so my FB is private.

However, please do like my public Facebook page or add me on TwitterI love interacting with you guys there! I would be thrilled if you stopped by!

As a bit of guidance–my private Facebook has a picture of me as a brunette. My public Facebook has a picture of me as a blonde.