About Lia Habel

Lia Habel was born in Western NY – as far as it’s physically possible to get from New York City and still be in the same state, and official spooky abandoned farmhouse territory. As an only child of good geek stock, young Lia was lovingly reared on horror movies, video games, and Victorian novels. She developed an affection for horror movie monsters early on, often challenging her weary mother with lists of reasons why Jason Voorhees might yet be saved or excuses for Darkman’s cackling insanity. Yeah. She was a weird little kid.

Despite this promising start, Lia went on to live a surprisingly normal life. Although she entertained vague thoughts of writing one day (comic books, specifically), it was only her love of literature that compelled her to pursue her B.A. in English Lit from SUNY Buffalo. Afterwards, ever the generalist and lover of Old Things, Lia moved to the UK to attend the University of Leicester and earn her M.A. in Museum Studies. She wrote the first draft of Dearly, Departed while between museum jobs.

Miss Habel currently lives with her beloved Boyfriend and their utterly spoilt furchild, an inky black cat named Struensee. She enjoys attending anachronistic and steampunk events, crafting all manner of pretty things, watching horror movies, and collecting Victorian and Edwardian books. Things she fans over include Pacific Rim, Hannibal, and Transformers.