Mr. Grinspoon’s Girls – Hiatus!

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So, I did a stupid thing.

I wrote too efficiently.

I’d meant to split this “arc” into five episodes, just like the others. (For the record, my instinct is apparently 3000 words a chapter, five episodes a story arc…I love learning about the invisible metrics that govern my mind.) I’d meant to leave us with Fanny Grinspoon as Anastasia’s newfound mentor, Nicholas with his head hanging down a bit, Allen with a new “sister,” and the two ensouled machines tucked safely back in the cottage, ready to resume their education and character development.

And by “leave us,” I mean finish up, and take a necessary break. Because on August 13th, I will be at Authors After Dark in Savannah, Georgia! After some book convention goodness, my schedule has me returning home for precisely one day, after which I’m heading out on a cross-country roadtrip with Beau in order to visit his family.

I won’t be home until sometime in mid-September.

And…Grinspoon is pretty much neatly wrapped up, at this point. The characters are where they need to be, scattered across the playroom floor of my mind. There they will sleep, until I come home and start writing again.

I’ve had great fun writing and performing Grinspoon thus far, and look forward to continuing the story–especially as this hiatus will permit me to pick up at a future plot point when I return, bumping the speed of the narrative up considerably. So, if you’re disappointed, I apologize–but I’ll be back! And the story will really start to ramp up, then, too.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer, and stay tuned for more Grinspoon and Dearly announcements in the fall! :D

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  1. Lori T.
    Aug 4, 2013

    Have fun on your trip with Beau! And I’m only one of many who are so excited for new Grinspoon and Dearly news this fall :D It feels like a weird coincidence that you’d mention Dearly news because I was at the wonderfully fabulous Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington yesterday and a stack of Dearly, Departed’s caught my eye on my way in. Yep, I get excited over seeing books I love (and own) on display in stores :-)

  2. Knowing that there is Dearly news on the horizon will make the hiatus a little easier. :)

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