And Now For Something Completely Different

…an interview! Of sorts.

A few weeks ago I got a smashing email from Janna-Marie and Sam, two of my readers. I think they’re the kind of readers you’d like to know, the kind who’d brighten up any local reading or con panel…

…I seriously need to stop watching 1950s mental hygiene films. I’m starting to speak like an idealized, folksy mid-century teenager. Anyway.

As part of this email, Janna-Marie and Sam asked me a few questions. This is quite usual (and welcome!), but I just liked their questions so much that I asked if they’d be willing to let me answer them in a public space. Thankfully, they were.

So here you go, guys! Sorry it took me so long to get around to it!


If Bram or Chastity had the honour of naming one of Isley’s cats what would it be?

Bram: Keep in mind, Bram’s a farm boy. If he had to name a dozen cows, I think he’d be a bit stymied–a cow’s a cow. Same for most animals. However, he’s also a sensitive, observant soul, so in the end I think he’d opt to name any particular animal after its own personality. “Blacky” is boring for a cat; “Nosy” might be an option.

Chas: The more outlandish and ridiculous, the better. Sparklebutt. Nub-nub. Arson. Dude, I totally want a cat named Arson, now.


What is something very Punkish that Bram would say if he saw Nora hanging around another zombie perhaps? or If he had to describe himself?

I think several different situations are being referenced here. And with the first question, I have to imagine that any comments would be directed toward the other guy, because:

1. Bram trusts Nora implicitly.

2. Bram knows that if he ever tried to go full “Me Tarzan, you Jane” Nora would just laugh and laugh and laugh until she passed out. And then try to get him to do it at parties.


So, that being said, I can think of a few things.

“Eh, I’m not worried. That guy’s got lots of shiny parts, sure, but he’s not a functioning machine. If you catch my drift.”

“I’m saying this to help you out. Bit of a warning for the uninitiated. My girl’s a ‘wauler and a scrapper–but more than that, she’s got a mind like a steel hat pin. You try that oily stuff with her, she’ll make you question everything you ever thought true about God and man.”

“I’m an old stand-by–and that’s a good thing, I think. I’m not the most impressive man ever, but there’s not a job you can give me I can’t get done.”


My God, I can hear Bram’s voice slowing to a drawl as I write these. This isĀ fun.


How do Punks celebrate birthdays?

Same way lots of people do–cake. Presents. Maybe a train joust. (That’s when you face two trains opposite one another on the same track and play chicken. At least, in my head. First one to jump from the train is a looooser!)


How did Bram first become friends with Jack?

Their friendship is the product of circumstance. They both grew up in the same area, were about the same age. Nothing terribly exciting, there.

I think their friendship was definitely cemented by a few key encounters–namely, an incident at the local quarry when they were both about ten. Let’s just say that the less savory kids were picking on the local shrimp, and he would’ve drowned if Bram and Jack hadn’t, nearly as one mind and body, gotten him out of there. After that, they ran less with the local crowd and tended to keep to themselves.


How did Renfield die?

This one I can’t answer in depth–it’s definitely going in a book! Let’s just say that there’s a reason you’ve never seen him with his shirt off.


And also how you described the Company Z insignia how would it look like if it was taken from your novel and drawn? I’ve tried to picture how it would look and I haven’t figured it out, if some how could show me I’d really appreciate it.

Luckily for you, my British publishers did an awesome version of it on the first UK cover!




Let me blow that up for you:




I hope this has answered your questions–thank you again for writing, and for being such awesome readers!

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  1. Lori T.
    Mar 21, 2013

    OMG, these questions are so much better than any I could come up with. I love that Bram would probably never name any animals. That’s why I enjoy Bram and Nora so much: she’s strong minded and her own person and Bram is not obsessive/controlling/a jerk (That’s WAY to big of a trend in many novels and I’m so tired of it) and he loves Nora for WHO she is and she him.

    And poor Renfield…my Renfield! We’ll find out more about him, or at least when he was alive? I’m all for an entire novel around him. He’s my fave DEARLY character <3

  2. Miss Habel
    Miss Habel
    Mar 22, 2013

    Your question: Yes, we’ll definitely find out more about him! Mostly so we can make Vespertine feel like a heel.

    Your comments: Thank you for all the beautiful comments you left yesterday! You rock! :D

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