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My readers know that I’m really inspired by music—and if you’re not a current reader of mine, I’ve written about my musical inspiration before, so look! A cheat sheet! The things I do for you!

Today I’d like to showcase a few of the songs I’ve listened to obsessively while working on Mr. Grinspoon’s Girls. This won’t be the last time I’ll do this—in fact, I plan to make a musical selection part of each week’s post. But I’m too impatient. I must get you all rocking out now. It’s a thing that I do.


Within Temptation—Forgiven

I remember the moment I first heard this song—through a set of headphones, in a hot little office in Virginia during the height of summer. It was 2007. After the first line my eyes teared up, and I was propelled into Dinah’s headspace. There is so much strength in Dinah—and to watch that strength manifest in weakness is entirely frustrating. She loves strongly. Hates strongly. Is capable of being fiercely loyal to men who are long dead.

…and that results in a total lack of forward motion.

Voltaire—Hallo Elskan Min

I think it was this song that inspired me to make Nikola from an Eastern European-esque area in the story. Nikola’s an odd, dark bird. Seemingly so heartless, so cruel, so cavalier…and yet, there is goodness in him. Maybe only a little, but enough to make him hate himself.


Blue October—X-Amount of Words

This song reminds me of Anastasia’s anxious thought process. She, so calm and queenly on the surface, is a roiling mass of gears and variables at heart. She, who seems to accept things as they come, routinely thrashes against herself inside the metal cage of her body.


Brandi Carlile—The Story

The sisters, reunited. There’s really nothing more to add.


Evans Blue—This Time It’s Different

This is my theme for Team Alan—Allan, Beatrix, and Simon. I’ve described Grinspoon to a few people as “various odd groups of people doing various odd things,” and Team Alan fits that mold nicely. The son of a disgraced wizard, the spirit of a dead teenage prophet, and an over-glorified calculator, out for adventure.


Stone Sour—Zzyxz Rd

Allan was a spoiled child, never pushed to do anything great. In the wake of his father’s death, he developed a work ethic…luckily enough for the people who now need him to save the world.


Hollywood Undead—We Are

The Ultimate Grinspoon Theme! I love writing my robotic characters—they’re just as broken as the humans who made them.


Slash (feat. Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators)—Anastasia

I love this song, not only because it fits Annie perfectly (hell, it uses her name)—but because it’s gorgeous. It’s nearly Baroque in parts, but with an electric guitar…perfect for the world of Cantamen.


The Killers—Be Still

This song perfectly encapsulates the moment when Arc realizes that maybe the squishy insurance policy he’s been lugging about with him for months isn’t so bad, after all. That maybe he likes her. That maybe he’s damned her. The moment when the song asks “is there something out there for me?”—I imagine him deciding to let Vessa go.

And that thought being enough to bring a ten-foot-tall robot to his knees.


Gin Wigmore—Black Sheep

Martha is the Grinspoon “bad girl”—she comes into the world with a chip on her shoulder, or perhaps a bad chip installed. The soul grafted to her body is cloudy, her eyes are unforgiving, and she remembers every sin committed against her people. Every. Single. One.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting some actual samples from Grinspoon–looking forward to it!

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  1. Angela
    Mar 14, 2013

    I love this songs!!! your music taste is just as great as your writing!!! :-D stone sour is one of my favourite bands… i can´t wait to hear all about the grispoon-girls!!!

  2. Laura
    Mar 20, 2013

    haha I love Gin! She’s a great Kiwi artist, and her second album Gravel and Wine is awesome.

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