Mr. Grinspoon’s Girls — Introduction

So! I’ve been teasing readers about my latest project for a while, now—and I’m proud to announce today that it will launch on March 18th. Just 7 days!

What is it? A book? A graphic novel? A movie?

Nope. It’s just me. Oh, it is a story—in fact, I tend to think of it as The Story I Was Meant to Tell. It’s been taking shape since before I ever wrote Dearly—since 2007, if not earlier. But it’s a story I’m afraid I’m not ready to attempt to publish yet…perhaps I’ll never be ready to publish it. It’s so incredibly dear to me.

This is the story of my heart. And I’m proud to share it with the world as a weekly podcast.




Mr. Grinspoon’s Girls is a story about family, choices, and big-ass machines. Set in the magical kingdom of Cantamen, the story is a sweeping, multi-generational family saga that will bounce about space and time as I see fit.

Yes, that’s the proper tense. Will. Because as I record it, I will only ever be three to five episodes ahead in draft form. There will be little time to revise or edit. No ability to change previously established facts to support new, rule-changing ideas. It will be challenging, it will difficult—and it will be a glorious amount of fun. (Already, a typo has served as the foundation for a lead character’s worldview. I’m eager to see what else happens!)

Below, I’ll answer some questions about the idea. More information and teasers will be posted in the week leading up to the podcast debut. I hope you’ll all join me for the ride—I promise both pretty dresses and guns. They are, after all, my trademarks.


So, you mean, we’ll pay you for a weekly audiobook kinda deal here?

Nope! Well, you’ll be getting a weekly audiobook kind of deal, but you won’t be paying for it. Grinspoon is, at the moment, absolutely free.


Why? Don’t you like eating? And clothes? We KNOW you like clothes.

I do. I really do. But at the moment, I’d rather not accept money for Grinspoon. There are two reasons for this.


  1. The concepts and characters behind Grinspoon are so important to me, I can’t bear the thought of having anyone else’s voice in my head while I’m bringing them to life. At this point I just want to tell a story and, hopefully, entertain.
  2. Grinspoon is a bit experimental. We live in a new publishing age—an age where anyone can launch his or her ideas out into the marketplace. Ideally, I’d love for Grinspoon to grow popular enough to justify a publishing contract, a series of self-published books, a more professionally-created and monetized podcast—or maybe even something collaborative, like an online graphic novel. But to do that, I have to put the information out there—in a very raw, pure form.


In the future I may run fundraising campaigns in order to pay for things like artwork (for products, or potentially a Wiki) or to pay for more advanced audio equipment—but only if and when the series has an established audience.


So will Grinspoon ever be anything other than a podcast?

In time, who knows? I’d be open to the idea of packaging it as a book or selling the rights, but only after it has an established audience.


Is this another steampunk thing?

Not precisely. It’s a mixture of steampunk, dieselpunk, rococo, Regency, high Victorian, magic, pretty-pretty-princessness, and basically anything else I feel I want to draw upon. I’m not comfortable assigning it a genre, although I suppose you could call it a fantasy story.

So no genre, but what about rating? Is this story YA?

Again, not precisely. I actually hate labels like middle grade, young adult, “new adult”—mostly because they don’t mean anything. I have middle school students email me about Dearly constantly, when the series is definitely intended for an older audience—and then again, some of the most passionate Dearly fans are adults! Therefore, I’m not going to assign Grinspoon an age level, but instead describe its questionable content so that listeners can make an informed decision.


Mr. Grinspoon’s Girls contains mature subject matter. This includes graphic violence, sexual references and situations (but no crude sexual language or erotic scenes), kidnapping, instances where characters are degraded, abuse, death and dead bodies, foul language, and torture. The overarching storyline refers constantly to war, and violent battles serve as the backdrop for several crucial scenes. There are also many diverse romantic couples in the story, including several human-machine pairings. The ages of the major characters range from 6 to 60. The hero, Allan Grinspoon, is 18 when the story starts.


…sound a lot like Dearly? Yeah. That’s why age labels are useless. The main point where the two stories differ is their style—I feel that Grinspoon is told using a slightly darker, more mature style of storytelling. I’d personally rank it as “16 and up.”

[Edit, March 25th: For my own peace of mind, I want to make it absolutely clear that Grinspoon is not Dearly. Grinspoon does not soften its dark content with a sprinkling of snarky humor and some body part slapstick. (Though it does have funny parts!) Please bear this in mind as you listen!]


Feel free to ask any additional questions—I’m more than happy to answer them. Tomorrow I’ll post a longer synopsis of the story, and unveil its artwork! I’m so excited!

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  1. chelsea
    Mar 11, 2013

    Omgomgomgomg so excited! You are a bit of a tease, dear haha. Local library recently got Dearly, Beloved and I’m so stoked to finally get to read it… Now this? *squeee!*

  2. Miranda
    Mar 11, 2013

    I can tell this is gonna be AWESOME!!!!

  3. Carmen B.
    Mar 11, 2013

    This sounds so awesome and different! The concept promises some amazing world building ^^ And I’ve never heard of a story told as a podcast before! So curious to see how this will progress :D

  4. Crystal Jimmo
    Mar 11, 2013

    oh my goodness! I cannot wait to listen to this book! i’m not much of and audio book person, but I’m always up to doing new things! especially when it involves my favourite author!

  5. Fogwoman Gray
    Mar 17, 2013

    Can’t wait!!

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