Get Your Plastic Letters Ready!

It’s a little quiet around here. Who’s ready for a contest?!

For what, you ask? FOR:


  1. A signed paperback of Dearly, Departed!
  2. A signed hardback of Dearly, Beloved!
  3. Assorted, random paper products bearing either of these two logos!
  4. My fingerprints and trace amounts of DNA on a cardboard box, if you’re one of the Creepy Fans!


Okay, so. For those of you who’ve yet to experience a Lia Habel Contest, you should know that I don’t like my contests to be normal. Or easy. Lord knows it’d be far easier to require readers to, say, post a reply, and then pick a random number, and all that jazz. But I would seriously die of boredom if we did that. And then get up again, and run the convoluted contest anyway.

What I’m thinking is this.



A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon this photo in my computer and promptly questioned what I’d been doing with my life. I still have no idea when, or why, I made it. There were a few more Dearly-related church signs in the same folder, the details of which (plot points) led me to believe that I made these as a joke during the very early days of Dearly, but still. No recollection of making them. None. And what is with that spelling? Was I high on Red Vines? I’m pretty sure I must’ve been high on Red Vines.

Still, the thing got over 100 likes on the Facebook page. So obviously, I was on to something.

Something magical.



  • In order to enter, you must make your own Dearly-related church sign.
  • You can use the generator here, or your own Photoshop skills, whatever works for you.
  • To submit your sign, email it as an attachment directly to me. If you post it online, I will not include it in the contest. This is to make sure that people aren’t posting offensive signs in my name. If it’s on any site other than It is not a valid entry, and I have no control over it.
  • In that vein, I’m sure I don’t need to tell my awesome readers this, but — offensive, rude, cruel, and intolerant signs are not permitted for this contest. Neither are signs that are overtly preachy. We’re here to have fun, and we can be respectful of people of all beliefs (or lack of belief) while we do so. If your sign pings my “I will get in trouble for this” radar, it’s not going in the contest. This is totally up to me. And trust me, that radar is sensitive.
  • We’re going for funny, gross, poignant, terrifying, obscure, WTF-esque — whatever floats your boat. It just has to be related to the Dearly universe in some way.
  • Your entry must be received by midnight EST on November 2nd. At this point they’ll be posted on the blog, and public voting will open!
  • Voting will be open for four days, and a winner will be announced on November 7th!


I think this’ll be really fun — I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Good luck!

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