Winner of the 666 Likes Contest!

After going through and throwing out double entries and non-contest comments (this is why I asked for a movie recommendation – those were the comments I counted), the contest had 60 entries – a combination of comments left on my blog, and a few comments left on Goodreads. I forgot to stress that comments should be made on my blog, so the Goodreads entrants I started numbering at 57.

Using the random number generator at, I rolled a 33. Which means the winner is…

Ashley! Who said, “My Fav is always going to be Freddy Kruger.” I agree, Ashley. I’m also a big fan of the extended universe, where Nancy (classic Nancy, not that whiner from the reboot) becomes the embodiment of the Good Dream, thus pitting her forever against Nightmare himself. After about a thousand years I expect they’re more like an old bickering married couple than anything else. Also, the reboot is totally lacking in awesome claymation demons.

Congrats to Ashley, and thank you everyone who entered! :D

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  1. Miranda
    Jun 1, 2012

    congrats girly

  2. Ashley
    Jun 4, 2012


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