When I’m Not Writing…

…I’m a professional clothes wrangler.

I love my Victorian-inspired clothes. I adore them. Thing is, they can be tricky to store. I’ve got several trunks in my room, all sorts of plastic containers, little hatboxes – it never seems to be enough. Never mind the fact that I can be a bit of a slob, tossing things down and forgetting about them for ages. Now that I’m wearing ever more Victorian dresses, I need to come up with efficient ways to care for and store more of them.

So I decided to whip up a quick organizer for at least some of my hair accessories, to start with.


(Help! We’re being smushed!)


I decided I wanted to get the fascinators out of the trunk and put the headbands in there. I had an old picture frame kicking around the garage, so I thought of criss-crossing ribbons on it to snap the fascinators to.


(Ingredients: Picture frame, ribbon, cardboard, Victorian reproduction newsprint, and a cat toy.)


This project was pretty easy. I covered the cardboard frame insert with double-sided tape, and stuck a piece of Victorian reproduction newsprint to it, which I then covered with a piece of clear laminating plastic (so the ink wouldn’t rub off on any of my hair thingies). Naturally, I chose the side of the newsprint that featured an advertisement for a casket supplier.



I cut the ribbons a smidge longer than the cardboard, for two reasons – one, to give them some slack (so they wouldn’t be bone tight to the cardboard), and two, to make sure they overlapped inside the frame to increase stability. I secured the ribbons to the laminated newsprint with epoxy, and then epoxied all along the inner edge before pressing the cardboard inside. I nailed the back after the glue had dried.

And then, I attached pretty nothings!



So now my biggest hair accessories aren’t crowded together in a trunk – they’re displayed out in the open. And it makes for a pretty collage, really.

Next up: Some sort of decorated roll for my hairbands!

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