Tall, Dark, and Dead – 98 – Dance of the Dead

Title: Dance of the Dead
Year: 2008
Director: Gregg Bishop
Leads: Jared Kusnitz, Greyson Chadwick, Chandler Darby

Favorite quote: “You can have all of me, Lindsey, my love! Cut me open, take my heart – it is yours! Wow, I feel the same way, Froggy.”


“You give me ten minutes, I’ll have this place wired like a crackhead on Red Bull.”

Thoughts: I am incredibly glad that I decided to start TDD – because it’s made me seek out and watch some fantastic movies that I might not’ve, otherwise. Dance of the Dead (no, different one) is definitely amongst these.

DotD is an independent zombie teen comedy that, although silly in parts – and then, delightfully silly – charmed my skull-print socks off. It’s yet another example of my own personal truism regarding living survivor stories, and how creators must take pains to make their survivors interesting and dynamic. Although the plot focuses on several stereotypical groups of high school students and teachers – the sci-fi club nerds, the cheerleader and the prom queen, the local juvenile delinquents, the psycho gym coach, etc. – I ended up really liking them all. Heck, I even liked the cemetery groundskeeper, who appeared to deal routinely with the dead the way the main character in Cemetery Man purported to.

Even the zombies were great. They were ground-popping brain eaters (sometimes extremely so, leaping out of their graves like undead antelope), apparently created via nuclear waste, with independent body part movement. For sheer looks, I loved the skeleton-headed zombie holding his own head skin (or perhaps the head of another zombie?) and the zombie frog; when it comes to behavior, I giggled like an idiot at the zombies stealing a car to drive to a source of fresh brains, as well as the zombie spiking the prom punch with blood. (And there’s a lot of support for the zombie-music link in this film, too.)

Most of all, I just loved the random bits of meta-humor. The great moment where the kids suddenly realize that they’ve barricaded themselves so carefully…inside a funeral home. The C4 ordered off of Craigslist. The decision to visit the local pancake house for a break before storming the nuclear power plant. Awesome.

Links: Dance of the Dead at IMDB
Dance of the Dead on Wikipedia

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