Tall, Dark, and Dead – 97 – Last of the Living

Title: Last of the Living
Year: 2009
Director: Logan McMillan
Leads: Morgan Williams, Robert Faith, Ashleigh Southam

Favorite quote: “Oh, that’s my bat. I made it. Well, I didn’t make it, I actually bought it – from a shop. …I stole it. Because that’s what I do. Because I’m a badass.”

Thoughts: I loved this one. There were a few “huh?” parts, but they didn’t stick with me for long – I soon fell back to laughing. It also passed the “noooo, I LIKED HIM!” living death test, which is always a difficult note to hit with me. And it has its own theme song, performed by two distressingly attractive men from New Zealand! Well done, guys.



The opening shots were formulaic enough, quickly establishing a post-apocalyptic world – but they were interspersed with a few really brilliant ideas, such as a shot of a lone man running the wrong way up an empty street. The laws that previously maintained societal order are now moot – nice. There were also some interesting kills, and some fun zombies – the vegan zombie and the church zombie who didn’t want to go down easily foremost amongst them.

The zombies themselves are specifically mentioned as being dead, although the plot turn involves the formulation of a cure from extracted zombie blood. In order to be cured, mustn’t the zombies be…alive? (I mean, a zombie gets the last parachute at the end…)

Aside from being about three young men and their awesome car, the film seems to explore the idea of choosing to surf through life vs. deciding to take greater action. I also read some commentary about totems and rule-following into Ash’s insistence on maintaining his complicated zombie-fighting gear, seeing as he’s ultimately the last man standing.

Links: Last of the Living at IMDB
Last of the Living on Wikipedia

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