Tall, Dark, and Dead – 101 – Army of Darkness

Title: Army of Darkness
Year: 1992
Director: Sam Raimi
Leads: Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert

Favorite quote: “This is my boomstick!”

Thoughts: I started with a classic. I’ll end this group of 100 films with a classic.

Army of Darkness has always struck me as a live action cartoon. It’s bombastic and twitchy – and the deadites are positively spastic, the very definition of undeath as a form of exaggerated life. Even Ash himself is an animated, leaping kettle of contradictions – he plays virtuoso piano and is apparently a chemical and engineering genius, and yet he’s an obnoxious, immature man-child who works at S-Mart. In fact, that might be why I like his character so much – no one can say that he’s one-dimensional.

Of course I adore Ash’s evil undead twin, as well. And it always amuses me that the first thing that the resurrected, skeletal members of the Army of Darkness think about is women. Aside from that, they’re intelligent, strategy-driven foes, which causes me to respect them quite a bit.

On a final note, I think that Ash’s metal hand and the modifications made to his car are arguably steampunk (or at least something-punk. Clockpunk, maybe?).

Links: Army of Darkness at IMDB
Army of Darkness on Wikipedia

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