Tall, Dark, and Dead – 94 – Meat Market 2

Title: Meat Market 2
Year: 2001
Director: Brian Clement
Leads: Bettina May, Alison Therriault, Stephan Eng

Favorite quote: “But he – it – has survived. Because it can still consume to keep itself going.”

Thoughts: This one has to be notes, sorry.

Same characters…

Most of the makeup gives an idea of what Fulci zombies would look like if slightly more animated.

Zombies are evolving – physically, at least. (Strength, dexterity.)

Zombie in “xxx vegan straight-edge xxx” shirt – bahahaha.

Once isolated in survivor site (Reconstructive Commerce Association?), only white women elevated to status of “breeding stock” – WTF? Why the racial angle? Rest of movie has absolutely nothing to do with issues of race.

Anti-zombie pep rally, corporate team-building – but elevation of the idea of the zombie as a soulless, dedicated consumer talked up? Lots of economic model talk, “create as much as you consume” – very weird, but very interesting. Using zombies to talk about consumerism, again?

Scientists fuse dead/alive flesh, we’ve seen this before…

Oh, the horrible racist living people are the real cannibalistic monsters. I see.

…I thought El Diablo Azul was dead!
…oh. He’s an angel.

Links: Meat Market 2 at IMDB

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