Tall, Dark, and Dead – 88 – Tales from the Grave: Beyond Death / Tales from the Grave: The Rotting Dead

Title: Tales from the Grave: Beyond Death / Tales from the Grave: The Rotting Dead
Year: 2006
Director: Dave Parker, David P. Barton
Leads: Danny Draven, Eric Clawson, Jamie Donahue

Favorite quote: “This is all your fault – and if I die, you better dedicate that Fangoria award to me!”

Thoughts: This short collection was billed as a single movie, and contained two zombie-related stories. I’m going to count them together as one entry.

At first I was ready to brush Beyond Death off as yet another cute, homemade homage to zombie horror created by people who are obviously my brothers and sisters in gore. I mean, the plot concerns a bunch of actors stumbling upon a corpse and deciding to use it in their film – where have I seen this before?

Then the antagonist showed up. Well. Hello there, Mr. I’m An Anne Rice Zombie If Anne Rice Did Zombies. You’re looking fine as hell this evening.

Mr. IAARZIARDZ and his exaggerated, puppet-like minions (seriously, they were like refugees from Braindead) kept me awake through what was essentially a half-hour chase scene. I was willing to forgive the bite transmission that instantly mutated each new victim, the surreal ending, and the coffin-shaped machine that apparently served as a portal to another dimension, or whatever. (On second thought, that part’s pretty awesome.)

Unfortunately, The Rotting Dead was another story. Essentially a morality tale about what happens when drunk rednecks kill the son of the neighborhood witch when he’s in cat form (I know, I hate it when that happens), I can only say that it was a mildly interesting take on the ol’ zombie revenge army cliché. I did like the chosen zombie genesis (powder blown in the faces of the rednecks in question – trés voodoo) and the whole pumpkin patch thing (whee, evidence for my plant zombie hypothesis!).


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