Tall, Dark, and Dead – 83 – Sugar Hill / The Zombies of Sugar Hill / Voodoo Girl

Title: Sugar Hill / The Zombies of Sugar Hill / Voodoo Girl
Year: 1974
Director: Paul Maslansky
Leads: Marki Bey, Robert Quarry, Don Pedro Colley

Favorite quote: “He is a greedy god! Do you have any money?”


An Ode to Sugar Hill
by Lia Habel

There is no way to adequately convey my love for you, Sugar Hill
Though I should not love you, and the injunction
Against it, the instinctive desire to push you away
Even as I selfishly drag you closer
Makes my love all the sweeter – sound, taste, feel all the sweeter
Like your name

For you are a true blaxploitation grindhouse zombie flick
The kind of thing Tarantino knows that he could never create
For to attempt to forge a thing so pure, so true to the source
In our dissolute, jaded age
Would only serve to destroy it
There was only one time, one place, one era
An era where that magnificent, scalloped-lapeled, sparkling suit was worn without a trace of irony
And that was both your womb
And your tomb

Oh Langston! Oh Sugar! Oh Valentine! Oh sweaty Baron Samedi who moonlights as a cab driver/construction worker/scarecrow/pig farmer!
Oh fly black car!
Oh dead slaves rising from the swamp where they were illegally buried after being hauled off the ships and letting slip their shackles
Ready for righteous, awesome revenge
Oh mink couch! Oh slutty boots!
Oh independently locomotive, murderous chicken foot
Oh bartenders who don’t even bat an eyelash when hate crimes take place right in front of them
But eventually provide weapons to the oppressed
Oh epic, racist lines that I dare not repeat, full of ethnic slurs I’ve never even heard before!
I love you all
I damn you all

At the end of this movie
The vile, awful, hateful wannabe slum lord
Confronts his dead cronies, animated by voodoo dolls
Grinning horribly
And I gaped in wonder, for it was beautiful
And I questioned all that had gone before – whether I had really seen it
Whether perhaps I was but dreaming
But you do exist
You do exist, Sugar Hill
And you are amazing
And ass-kicking
And eye-bulging
And I feel so guilty for enjoying you


Links: Sugar Hill at IMDB
Sugar Hill on Wikipedia

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