Tall, Dark, and Dead – 79 – Night of the Dead / Night of the Dead: Leben Tod

Title: Night of the Dead / Night of the Dead: Leben Tod
Year: 2006
Director: Eric Forsberg
Leads: Louis Graham, Joey Jalalian, Gabriel Womack

Favorite quote: “I believe that even the simplest chunk of flesh has every right in the world to be alive and conscious.”
“You’re insane!”
“Yes, but who gives a s**t?”

Thoughts: Immediately under the above quote, I scrawled in my notes, “Don’t go all self-referential on me now.”

I think my anger was understandable. The first part of this movie was so hard to get through, I almost didn’t want to waste my time on the rest of it. Alas, this project – my goal in life – doesn’t allow me the luxury of hitting the stop button and walking away.

Besides, that’s when the zombie family appeared.

The film’s evil doctor, Dr. Schreklich – the one who is, it can be said, just a tad overzealous when it comes to saving people, no matter the cost – has saddled himself with a bipolar, semi-feral, intelligent, manipulative undead wife and child. I’d expected that something had happened to them, given the opening scenes, but the way they were finally presented was more than I’d hoped for. The female Schreklichs were the best-written/directed/acted part of this movie, and I’m not just saying that because I’m desperate to find something, anything to redeem the time I spent watching it. In fact, I think the potential to read survival and protective elements into the dead mother’s otherwise frightening, violent behavior is there. She has a child to guard, after all, and her husband doesn’t deserve a shred of sympathy for what he’s done.

Aside from Herr Doktor’s undead family, the other zombies in the film were also quite interesting. At one point, a pregnant living woman is left unmolested by a pair of zombies (admittedly, they probably recognized one of their own). The unborn child’s father, Peter, also continues to care for his family once becoming infected, and becomes dedicated to getting them safely out of the hospital. The escape sequence is fairly good, and had to have been directed by a second person – the quality is off the charts compared to the rest of the film.

The twist at the end was semi-decent, but honestly – you knew something was going to happen to the kid. Pregnant women never emerge from zombie flicks unscathed.

Links: Night of the Dead at IMDB

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