Tall, Dark, and Dead – 77 – Resident Evil: Afterlife

Title: Resident Evil: Afterlife
Year: 2010
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Leads: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller

Favorite quote: “Five years ago, the T-Virus escaped, and everybody died. Trouble was… they didn’t stay dead.”

Thoughts: I’m going to keep this brief, because The Silverback Nerd (read: my mom) has actually been assigned reviews of the Resident Evil episodes. (I’m outsourcing, now.) I gave her the DVDs, some Charleston Chews, and a box of crayons. She ran off cackling.

There’s a reason we refer to ourselves as a frat. Not a sorority, a frat.

Besides, most of my comments, when it comes to the RE franchise, go something like OH MY GOD MILLA PLEASE BEAT ME BEAT ME BLACK AND BLUE YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS. And that’s not really constructive.

I saw Afterlife in the theater, though, and I’ve got to say that I think it might’ve been the first film where I truly, consciously appreciated the 3D effects. I’m sure I’ll see it again once it comes out on DVD, and I’m not sure if I’ll like it as much. It really took unapologetic, awesome advantage of the 3D format. It was beautiful. And if you go into it expecting that it’ll have only the most tenuous connection to all other things bearing the RE name, I think it can be appreciated. I found it to be the most entertaining RE film thus far.

Also: PYRAMID HEAD HAS A BROTHER. I had no idea. I’ve actually never played the RE games, mostly because I really hate killing zombies? So this film was my first encounter with Axeman. When’s the family reunion?

Links: Afterlife at IMDB
Afterlife on Wikipedia

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