Tall, Dark, and Dead – 74 – Tokyo Zombie

Title: Tokyo Zombie
Year: 2005
Director: Sakichi Satô
Leads: Tadanobu Asano, Shô Aikawa, Erika Okuda

Favorite quote: “It’s a zombie with the strength of a Gundam!”

Thoughts: Oh, Japan. How I love you and I damn you, Japan.

First of all, why the dubbing of this film? Why no sub?…okay, now I sound like I’m attending an anime convention. I should really shut up.

Rather than attempt to comment upon the plot, I’m simply going to relate pertinent chunks of it. The zombie apocalypse begins, in Japan, with a perverted middle-school teacher. The zombies are the product of spiritual energy interacting with toxic waste. A man sings about having cancer in between bouts of slapstick comedy. Then comes the obligatory anime portion. Then the second movie (I swear this thing is a double feature), featuring gladiatorial zombie fights.

For all this, Tokyo Zombie is really about two weird outcasts and their relationship – and you know what? I really enjoyed that aspect of the film, and by the end, I was actually emotionally invested in them. There were a few good laughs, too, but I have to credit the friends who dragged me to anime conventions as a college student for my ability to get the references. The dude running around screaming, “CALPICO!” made me absolutely lose it.

The zombies in this film are said to be in constant pain, so I guess I’m going to shove them onto the Russo/O’Bannon shelf and leave them there. (Project idea #2 – extensive zombie family tree.)

Links: Tokyo Zombie at IMDB
Tokyo Zombie on Wikipedia

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