Tall, Dark, and Dead – 73 – B-17, The Heavy Metal Zombie Sequence

Title: B-17, or The Heavy Metal Zombie Sequence
Year: 1981
Director: Gerald Potterton
Leads: Everyone, ever.

Favorite quote: *AIR GUITAR*

Thoughts: I know this one is only five minutes long, but come on. It’s O’Bannon. If it makes you feel better, I won’t count it towards my “real” total.

Yet, there’s extremely little I can say about it. It serves as yet another example of the WWII-zombie connection and as a warning against ever, ever thinking yourself out of the zombie fire. Most zombie situations, you just have to acclimate yourself to the frying pan and hope for the best.

Easiest five minutes I’ve ever put on that spreadsheet, though. At 101 films, I’ll publish the spreadsheet in its entirety.

Links: Heavy Metal at IMDB
Heavy Metal on Wikipedia

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