Decision Time

Okay, in an effort to blog more about Things I Like (hi, Mr. Editor), I’m going to start rambling about…stuff, more often. Yes. I am totally lacking this instinct, but right now, I could actually use some second opinions.

Now, I’m not above jeans and sneakers (Sang Real! Go sparkly-butt!), but I love, love, love Victorian-inspired clothing. I have two hatboxes filled only with gloves, and an entire outsize trunk devoted to ballgowns. I have tottering towers of hats in my room, capes, muffs (two!), furbellowed garters for my stockings, petticoats with sneaky interior pockets, boots that actually require special hooks to fasten up, beribboned corsets, the works. I wear these items with pride and delight – and one day, I hope to God the entire collection is discovered by a girl Like I Was, who desperately needs to see them, to wear them, to pin her fantasies on them. I can think of no better fate for them.

Which is a long way of introducing the fact that – Halloween is MAD SHOPPING TIME, YO. I like Victorian stuff – guess what? Dark Victorian stuff abounds! I like goth stuff – surprise! Goth stuff out there, everywhere, ripe for the buying! In Wal-Mart, no less! FAKE LASHES BY THE POUND! Bahahaha!

So, the other day the Victorian Trading Co. finally got around to posting their Halloween costumes, and I ran into this.

Yes. That.

So now, I’m terribly torn. On the one hand, it’s an adorable dress, and one that, for me, is basically a Little Blue Dress – I could dress it up! I could dress it down! I could get groceries in this! I could go to a party! Brilliant!

On the other hand…its provenance is obvious. And further, it hails from a film that I (sin of sins) did not particularly like. (And I say this as a huge fan of Burton – I can’t wait to see what he does with Dark Shadows.)

But…SO USEFUL. This dress is so useful. Maybe I could dye it?

What say you?

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