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Hi, everyone!

So, you’ve doubtless realized by now that I’m pretty much the Antiblogger (like the Antichrist, just a whole hell of a lot more nerdy, I guess). For that, I apologize. I’ve just never gotten used to the idea of sharing things online. I think it’s a combination of paranoia and general bewilderment at the idea that anyone might care.

But, I do owe various people a lot of digital ink, and I’m going to take care of that with this post.

First of all, mentions and shout-outs!

S.F. Robertson, of Wastepaper Prose, has been generous enough to feature me as part of the Author Insight series. If you search on the page for “Lia,” there I am!

The Incredibly Awesome Qwill asked me to provide a film review for her a few weeks ago, which you can find here – I decided to review “Spider Baby,” rather than subject her readers to Yet More Zombie Nonsense. Even though I love Zombie Nonsense.

And finally – here they are, my author photos! Or at least, a few of them. :D The photos were taken by WinterWolf Studios, the makeup is by Ruby Randall, and the gowns are my own, from Steampunk Threads. I love each and every one of these people/companies so much that I should probably repress my enthusiasm, lest they file restraining orders against me and bar me from acquiring Further Awesomeness.

I actually cried when I saw these photos, because in them…I’m pretty. I’ve never considered myself an attractive person, so it was incredibly moving to see myself so transformed. If nothing else, I’ve been given that. It’s a priceless gift.

Also, no one else is allowed to photograph me. Ever.

My current steampunky-type-project involves acquiring an actual wind-up key I can wear. If I ever get it, I hope to be able to work with WinterWolf and Ms. Randall again! Maybe we can conscript a zombie lad or two….

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  1. Badass Bookie
    Dec 9, 2010

    Love these photos!!! You’re soooo pretty XD

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