Tall, Dark, and Dead – 72 – Dorm of the Dead

Title: Dorm of the Dead
Year: 2006
Director: Donald Farmer
Leads: Ciara Richards, Adrianna Eder

Favorite quote: “Do you have the nerve?”

Thoughts: This film turned out to be yet another low-budget homemade and/or student production. I’m not sure how Netflix got hold of all of these, but goody for me.

Dorm opens with a narrator who has no bearing on the rest of the film. I found myself answering him back, as he asks several extremely condescending questions in rapid succession.

Him: “Do you have the nerve?”
Me: “You ain’t got nothing I ain’t seen before. I’ve seen all shapes, all sizes of zombie film.”

And indeed, my answer turned out to be appropriate. There were several softcore porn scenes in this movie, which did not involve zombies (this time). I’m not sure why, as they contributed absolutely nothing to the movie (this time). Sex and death, I guess.

In its defense, this movie did redeem itself around the magical 45 minute mark. Before then, it was a non-scary scare-fest set in a charity dorm, where, unbeknownst to the residents, an evil doctor is experimenting with zombie juice. As the zombies, who apparently  live in the parking garage, managed to mainly eat people who deserved it, I wrote them off  as having an almost protective function and started to phone surf.

Then the character Sara became a zombie – and retained her sentience. Suddenly, I was all ears.

The rest of the movie follows her as she attempts to deal with what is happening to her body and mind, and reaches out to friends. The movie also started to showcase some really interesting scenes at this point, too. There’s a great one where Sara’s feasting is accompanied by classic carnival concessions music, for example.

Links: Dorm of the Dead at IMDB

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