Tall, Dark, and Dead – 70 – Killing Spree / I Will Dance On Your Grave: Killing Spree

Title: Killing Spree / I Will Dance On Your Grave: Killing Spree
Year: 1987
Director: Tim Ritter
Leads: Asbestos Felt (really?), Courtney Lercara

Favorite quote: “You screw my wife, I screwdrive your head!”

Thoughts: Killing Spree is yet another homemade/student film. It’s a little more skillful than most, and appeared to have somewhat of a budget.

The movie explores the effects of the (perceived) sexual profligacy of a woman who, in the real world, wouldn’t be able to seduce her way into a free Twinkie at the Stop-n-Go. (Yes, I’m mean.) Her husband becomes obsessed with the idea that she’s cheating, and starts killing all the men he believes she cheated on him with.

The theme seemed to be that an unjust or undeserved death won’t fully take, the dead don’t stay dead, guilt lives forever, agendas seem to live forever, yada yada, we’ve talked about this before. One part I did find amusing was the fight amongst the assembled dead over who finally gets to kill the husband, which suggests that the dead haven’t learned their lesson and are far from saintly, themselves.

There were also some interesting zombies, including a sort of zombie/Black Lagoon creature that I found very visually appealing, as well as an obese Ghost Rider that made me giggle like a moron. I’ll take what I can get.

Links: Killing Spree at IMDB

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