Tall, Dark, and Dead – 69 – Dead Summer

Title: Dead Summer
Year: 2005
Director: Eddie Benevich
Leads: Unknown

Favorite quote: “To all the good times in my truck and my bed; to all the girls, alive and dead.”

Thoughts: When you have to actually go back and rewatch the beginning of a movie to remind yourself which movie it was, even after you’ve taken notes? Yeeeah.

Dead Summer purports to be about life following a zombie apocalypse, where the living and the dead observe an uneasy peace and lead separate lives. Yet, the movie fails to make any observations about its own co-mortal society – literally, not a single one. Instead, the plot centers around on a new chemical…pheromone…deer urine? I don’t know? that turns the shamblers into sprinters. (I find it hilarious that the chemical was dished out from a Faygo bottle.)

I’m still not sure what the message was, here – that meddling with nature gets you killed? That the dead can evolve?

Links: Dead Summer at IMDB

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