Tall, Dark, and Dead – 67 – Zombies of Mass Destruction

Title: Zombies of Mass Destruction
Year: 2009
Director: Kevin Hamedani
Leads: Janette Armand, Doug Fahl

Favorite quote: “Dad, haven’t you ever seen a zombie movie?”
“You know I’m a vampire man, Brian!”

Thoughts: The title Zombies of Mass Destruction suggested that this film would be about politics, but it’s definitely not as political as Homecoming. Instead ZMD brilliantly manages to make the point that the personal is political as it follows the travails of a young Middle Eastern-American woman, a gay couple, and a pastor, all residents of a small town where a zombie outbreak occurs.

The movie ends up really being about ostracized groups, and talks about issues of belonging, sacrificing to belong, paranoia dividing populations and blinding them to the nature of true exterior threats, etc. It’s really cheesy, with lots of lame, easy jokes, but for all that it manages to be successfully funny in parts, and occasionally very well acted.

I watched this movie with my boyfriend at the time. He was genuinely grossed out by some of the special effects, which I found incredibly tame. I’ve either prepared myself for a brilliant career in medicine, or for some serious meat work. I’m officially desensitized. I can watch a guy’s spine get ripped out and not flinch. Go me.

Links: Zombies of Mass Destruction at IMDB
Zombies of Mass Destruction on Wikipedia

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