Comic-Con Will Break You…

…and rebuild you in its own image. I think I actually coughed up swag, at one point.

And yet, for all that, I love it to death.

So, we’ve just returned from The Big One, and it was actually pretty awesome. It was my fifth attendance, the Silverback’s fourth, and Josh’s second – I guess this officially makes us veterans. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to get to a lot of zombie stuff. I was able to sit in on a few of the big Hollywood panels, though.

And, honestly? After the adventures we had just getting to SDCC? I was grateful to see anything. I welcomed absolutely any and all sensory confirmation of my own continued physical existence. I was fairly sure that we were going to die when we got stranded twice – once in Colorado, the second time in the Nevada Desert of Death and Much Sand. (On the plus side, when I made a snarky, sunburnt, bitter reference to the fact that we’d broken down in probably the most likely place one could expect to encounter an actual Tusken raider outside of Tattooine, the tow driver remarked, “You guys headed to Comic-Con?” Best part of my day, right there.)

So, after that second breakdown, I told Josh I would not be getting in the van again – whether that meant we rented a car, or dropped everything and flew, or he told me to get lost and I hitchhiked, I didn’t care. But I wasn’t getting in the van again. He actually ended up buying a whole new car (he’d meant to buy one, anyway), and thus I was mollified. We got to San Diego in one piece, after that.


(Relatively. We may have dropped a few IQ points. Hi, mom.)



I’m a simple woman, and Comic-Con is still largely about comics, for me. I hit the Elephantmen booth like, twice, and picked up a ton of awesome indies. (My favorite has to be Riders to Moreau by Law Dog Comics, which answers the question, “What would happen if Roosevelt’s Rough Riders invaded the Island of Dr. Moreau?” AWESOMENESS. That’s what.)


(My mother is an even simpler woman, and insists that this is what we come to Comic-Con for.)



But this was also my first SDCC as a creator, and I really enjoyed that aspect, as well. I met several authors I’ve only ever fangirled over, before – Justin Cronin and China Mieville! Squee! – and otherwise got to introduce myself as something other than a tourist, something other than a mere attendee…very weird.

Oh! And I was in the steampunk group photo this year, which landed us all in the Guiness Blah of World Blah for “largest assembly of steampunks in twelve systems,” or something like that – I’ll post the picture as soon as I find it. Always pack a ballgown, kids. You never know when you might need it for something like that.

At any rate, now I can get back to my usual schedule of writing, writing, and zombie reviews. I’ll post more pictures as I get them.

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