Tall, Dark, and Dead – 65 – The Quick and the Undead

Title: The Quick and the Undead
Year: 2006
Director: Gerald Nott
Leads: Clint Glenn

Favorite quote: “They always come out for the chum. Zombies are stupid.”

Thoughts: Mr. Nott’s production company is known as Nott Entertainment. I can admire that level of self-deprecation.

This zombie western opened really promisingly, with the usual news clip intro that explained the nature of the zombie plague and the post-apocalyptic world, and went on to detail that the government is offering a bounty for any zombies killed – essentially paying to contain the outbreak. Amazing idea.

Alas, once we got into the movie proper, the premise fell apart. It seemed like the western genre conventions were used simply as window dressing, plucked at random out of the air. There was no attempt to explain what had caused the world to become neo-Western, and in fact, there was nothing visually to set it apart from a classic western, save perhaps a couple of cars and some items of clothing.

The main character is a rule-follower, using his code as a shield in a zombiefied world. That said, he failed to show any sort of respect for his foes, dismissing out of hand even the zombies who managed to learn and alter their behavior. I was especially disappointed by the hunting sequences, where he set up rows of chum and then shot the zombies who appeared to munch peaceably. Then again, that’s just me. (In fact, my deep disappointment with this part of the plot probably means it was pretty good.)

I loved the opening shot, though – a single zombie, wandering through the beautiful wilderness. It was very zombie zen.

Links: The Quick and the Undead at IMDB
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