Tall, Dark, and Dead – 61 – Creatures From the Pink Lagoon

Title: Creatures From the Pink Lagoon
Year: 2006
Director: Chris Diani
Leads: Nick Garrison, Lowell Deo, Evan Mosher

Favorite quote: “Mary, zombie or not, I know a show tune-loving friend of Dorothy when I see one.”

Thoughts: This one’s going to be short. I watched Creatures From the Pink Lagoon, which is a gay spoof of golden-age B sci-fi/horror. Again, without a solid foundation in gay film and gay literature upon which to base my review of this movie, I don’t want to get too deeply into it – because honestly, from where I was sitting? I couldn’t tell where the parody ended and the film began. Some of it actually appeared offensive to me. I mean, showtunes will stop zombies from stalking you, and make them dance, instead? Judy Garland cures zombies? I’m not making this up. I was waiting for the Liza cameo.

I really appreciated some aspects of it – the mosquitoes on strings? Hi, memories of Dark Shadows. The creators definitely know their golden-age B cinema and were able to joke about with convention. I’ll give them that.

Links: Creatures From the Pink Lagoon at IMDB

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