Tall, Dark, and Dead – 55 – Dead and Deader

Title: Dead and Deader
Year: 2006
Director: Patrick Dinhut
Leads: John Billingsley, Dean Cain

Favorite quote: “What are you doing?”
“Shouldn’t I be dead for that?”

Thoughts: I actually really liked this movie, silly as it was. Part of what keeps me coming back to the zombie genre is that, out of all the paranormal/horror genres out there, zombie stuff still offers me moments where I find myself thinking, “Wow, that was genius.” I found myself doing that a few times during this movie – there were some great jokes and ideas. I wish I’d thought of some of them.

I mean, this movie has Dean Cain as a blond zombie, of all things. Rightly, I should hate it. If you want to interpret it seriously, I guess you could take a look at the zombie/military connection – however, I advise just giggling at the slapstick humor and zombie grossness.

The hero is only half zombie, which threw me off. His name, however, is Bobby, which offers further proof for my frivolous little contention that all true zombie heroes have names that begin with B – Bub, Bud, Billy, Big Daddy, my Bram. (Plugplugplug.) Anyway, he’s sent on this mission to Cambodia (?) and picks up this nasty scorpion that infects him with the cancer cells it’s being used to research? Yeah. I don’t get it, either. I’m just going to write down “scorpion genesis” and be done with it.

However, he doesn’t get the bad effects immediately, as the others seem to. Instead he gets advanced healing, advanced senses, glowing eyes, and psychic powers. As weird as all of that is, what I found myself thinking of was Resident Evil, mutant zombies, and the fact that so often when it comes to recent zombies (from, say, the last ten years or so), we like to imbue them with a sort of exaggerated life. Bobby’s increasing need for meat as he goes on also put me in mind of Zombie Honeymoon, but I think it was more effectively handled there.

This was the first movie in a long time where I actually cared about the characters – where I actually found myself yelling at one point, “No, he can’t be dead! I liked him!” This is what I mean when I mention the endless “survivor” permutations I’ve seen and how creators have to make me fall in love with their characters if I’m going to even remotely care whether they live or die – because every survival plot has been done before. Characters make all the difference.

Links: Dead and Deader at IMDB

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