Tall, Dark, and Dead – 46 – Camille

Title: Camille
Year: 2007
Director: Gregory Mackenzie
Leads: David Carradine, James Franco, Sienna Miller

Favorite quote: “Just ’cause you’re dead doesn’t always mean you’re right.”

Thoughts: James Franco, come oooon dooooooown! Yet another celebrity Silverback likes, come to the dark side. Whee!

Also…WE HAVE CARRADINE! God, I miss you.

Camille was a really cute movie – a Romeroesque fairy tale, almost. While it suffers, plot-wise, from its conflation of ghosts and zombies (and I’m going to argue right now that Camille is a zombie, simply due to the fact that her post-death life is impacted so extensively by her own physical decay), I think its softer, more magical elements work. They keep it sweet. This as close to gushing over a romantic comedy as I’ll ever get.

I really liked what the film had to say about the difficulty of letting go and the fact that death so dramatically alters the lives of those left behind, as well as its emphasis on the eventual reunion/reconciliation of those who have reason to hang on (or hang around). I’m also ecstatic that we have a new friendly zombie to add to the ranks.

Also: WIGS!

Links: Camille at IMDB
Camille on Wikipedia

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