Tall, Dark, and Dead – 45 – The Beyond / Seven Doors of Death / E tu vivrai nel terrore – L’aldila

Title: The Beyond / Seven Doors of Death / E tu vivrai nel terrore – L’aldila
Year: 1981
Director: Lucio Fulci
Leads: Catriona MacColl, David Warbeck

Favorite quote: The “No Smoking” door.

Thoughts: I always end up feeling bad for the zombies in Fulci films. So much wasted potential. Especially in this one, where they were tacked on as an afterthought and apparently conflated not only with demons, but ghosts. (Of course, this wasn’t Fulci’s fault.)

The Beyond has excellent atmosphere, though, and plenty of truly gory scenes. The lavish gore, in fact, reminded me of Susperia. We also get to revisit Fulci’s amazing and timeless “eye scrape” scene with an equally disturbing “eye dig” scene – nice. And I can get along far better with “escaped denizens of hell” demon-borne zombies than I can any other sort of demonically-influenced zombies, because it’s an idea that actually makes some logical sense.

Unfortunately, I think I’m at critical Fulci saturation levels. I greatly respect his dedication to narrative and his flexibility insofar as his theories of zombie genesis are concerned, but I’m done. I’ll finish up the Gates of Hell trilogy and then nooooo more Fulci for a while.

I mean, come on – a guy administering an EKG to a seriously charred corpse? What is he looking for, signs of life? The body’s already in the morgue! Speaking of which, do people usually dress their dead loved ones in the morgue? I would’ve volunteered if I’d known! I’m going to get into a morgue one day, mark my words. (Ooh, foreshadowing.)

Links: The Beyond at IMDB
The Beyond on Wikipedia

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