Tall, Dark, and Dead – 44 – Living a Zombie Dream

Title: Living a Zombie Dream
Year: 1996
Director: Todd Reynolds
Leads: Amon Elsey, Michelle White, Frank Alexander

Favorite quote: “I had sensed life in the corpse, but not the life pumped through the body by a beating heart. No…this was something different. It was more like the life of decay – of rot.”

Thoughts: When I force myself to sit through a film like this – really sit through it, watch the entire thing, and pay attention – it reminds me just how devoted I am to my craft. Bow before me, lesser students of zombie anthropology.

Living a Zombie Dream is a low-budget zombie flick. That said, it’s a homemade low-budget zombie flick put together by a bunch of friends for their own amusement (according to comments left at IMDB), which kicks it a few notches back up the Quality Scale. (Intention is always part of Quality.) And you know, there’s a lot to rag on, but there’re also a few things I sort of liked.

First of all, I found the idea behind the villain intriguing. A cannibalistic serial killer who becomes Lord of the Zombies – what’s not to love? And he got some great lines, lines that made me question the lack of dialogue in this film, otherwise – someone on the team was an okay writer.

Secondly, there was a really touching scene where the protagonist, after learning that one of his fellow zombies cannot eat due to his throat being slit open (the food falls out), stitches him back up. You know I’m all about cooperative zombie behavior; this was simply adorable.

Still, I’m not sure what the main theme of the film was supposed to be – that all ways of killing are equally depraved and lead to the same spiritual end?

Links: Living a Zombie Dream at IMDB

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