Tall, Dark, and Dead – 43 – Oasis of the Living Dead / L’abîme des morts vivants

Title: Oasis of the Living Dead / L’abîme des morts vivants
Year: 1981
Director: Jesus Franco
Leads: Robert Blabert, France Lomay

Favorite quote: There was dialogue?

Thoughts: Okay, I gotta get away from the 80s for a while. This one was bad – not good bad. Bad bad. I barely have any notes to work from – there was nothing to take notes on. OotLD is a little over an hour of nothingness.

So, notes, because I don’t have the spiritual fortitude to read too deeply into this thing:

Jerk move, proto-Ron Perlman. Jerk move.

Nazis again – substitute for depth of mythology? Vampires, werewolves, etc. have centuries, ages of mythology to draw from – a very specific sub-set of cannibalistic revenants? Not so much. May explore this further.

Okay, so this is The Goonies with zombies, now?

Oh Jesus, that girl is being attacked by a zombie statue, oh noes. OH CRAP, someone has put WORMS on it, OMG, so scary.

Nothing like a Nazi zombie with 70s hair.

So…they’re afraid of sunlight? And burn in holy fire? Give me strength…

Go, zombies. You freaking GO.

Oh, so apparently any type of fire will do? Okay. ‘Cause I didn’t see him pray over that stick before lighting it.

Deep suck.

I want my mommy.

Links: Oasis of the Living Dead at IMDB

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