Tall, Dark, and Dead – 41 – The House by the Cemetery / Quella villa accanto al cimitero

Title: The House by the Cemetery / Quella villa accanto al cimitero
Year: 1981
Director: Lucio Fulci
Leads: Catriona MacColl, Paolo Malco, Giovanni Frezza

Favorite quote: “Anne! Mommy says you’re not dead! Is that true?”

Thoughts: This is going to be another “straight from the notes”-fest, because I’m a lazy jerk.

FULCI again! Man’s the definition of “prolific!”

I respect how Fulci always attempts to create a good foundation for his zombie massacres.

Wow, they spend a lot of time yelling for one another around here. Thank God I live in the era of texting.

Ghosts and zombies living in harmony? *beatboxes Zombie Harmony*

I want to tell the little girl’s story from this movie.
She’s a ghost, her mother’s a ghost, and her father is a Frankenstein-esque zombieish accumulation of body parts who lives in the basement.
“Daddy, why do you keep TRYING so hard? Do you think we won’t love you if you don’t have mass?”

Is Dr. Frakstein alive or dead? Breathing. But, going with dead – maggots. Fulci loves his freaking maggots. 150 years of age, undead, horrible spark of life trapped within a dead shell the definition of a zombie anyway, blah blah blah.

Relation of Frankenstein mythos to zombie canon? I would not label Frankenstein’s monster a zombie, but he definitely has zombie-like beginnings. He’s probably on the family tree somewhere, but I’m not about to chase up and down that particular branch like a rabid squirrel, at least not until I have many more “real” zombie movies under my belt.

Links: The House by the Cemetery at IMDB
The House by the Cemetery on Wikipedia

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