Isley’s Gang

So, in Dearly, Departed there’s a zombie priest named Jacob Isley. Isley’s a bit of a cat guy. He views his furry friends as his “canaries” – the minute they begin to distrust him, he knows his time as a good, rational zombie is up, and he should start shopping suicide methods.

There are three cats that get detailed descriptions in the book, and these are based on my little clutter. His kitties are my kitties, because I am a Sad Cat Mom, myself.



This is MerMer, otherwise known as Bloody Mary. She was a skinny little stray who started hanging outside our house a few years ago, and now she’s a skinny (but ten times more beautiful) little princess. As you can plainly see.



This is Zarathustra (ZZ) and Ebeneezer (Ebie). Ebie’s the one with the white bits. We adopted them from a shelter. ZZ was full grown when we got him, and Ebie was about four months old. Ebie almost died from kennel cough after we brought him home, but I nursed him by hand, and now he’s a chubby little loverboy. ZZ is our rock. Nothing phases him.

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