Tall, Dark, and Dead – 38 – Pontypool

Title: Pontypool
Year: 2008
Director: Bruce McDonald
Leads: Stephen McHattie, Lisa Houle

Favorite quote: “It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the day.”

Thoughts: I freaking love Pontypool.

The Silverback hates films that force the viewer to construct his or her own meaning. She detested this movie. The funny thing is, Pontypool is all about the meanings and truths we invent on a daily basis, the memories we refuse to let go of, and the lies we tell ourselves.

It’s also the closest we’ve yet come to a movie about a zombie Rush Limbaugh. I hold out hope for the future.

The most fascinating feature of Pontypool is, of course, the idea of zombification via memes. The “virus” that the populace is exposed to in this film is literally a verbal tic – a linguistic infection of the brain that induces madness, confusion, and blind rage. Seeing as a radio station is the plot’s key location, one cannot help but draw comparisons to political talk radio and the irresponsible seeding of violent and reactionary ideas. Seeing as the infected must infect others or face the neurological consequences, life literally becomes a matter of, “Indoctrinate or die.”

I also find it interesting that the cure lies in the creation of cognitive dissonance via the introduction of foreign ideas. In a way, Pontypool champions true conversation and intellectual diversity.

With exploding heads.

But yeah, the zombies aren’t dead. I guess this one falls under “zombies I accept but that other people won’t.” I find this is becoming a recurring theme.

Links: Pontypool at IMDB
Pontypool on Wikipedia

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