Tall, Dark, and Dead – 37 – 28 Weeks Later

Title: 28 Weeks Later
Year: 2007
Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Leads: Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Renner

Favorite quote: “You look a little pale.”
“Blood makes me nauseous.”

Thoughts: What I really respect about 28 Weeks Later is how it managed to hold onto the moodiness and futility of 28 Days Later while ramping up the action.

That said, there’s little new information to be distilled from this film. It’s beautiful, certainly. The contrasts illuminated by the first scene are especially impressive, where the survivors are forced to exist in perpetual twilight, contained in a self-imposed tomb by the threat of the infected outside. Two important bits I picked up on, however, include support for the vomit transmission idea and the reiteration of the theme of youth in revolt. Old hat, I know, but important.

Links: 28 Weeks Later at IMDB
28 Weeks Later on Wikipedia

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