Tall, Dark, and Dead – 30 – Quarantine

Title: Quarantine
Year: 2008
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Leads: Jennifer Carpenter, Scott Percival

Favorite quote: “So, let’s just pretend you’re five years old and on fire.”

Thoughts: Quarantine is a remake of the Spanish zombie movie [Rec] – and I mean a down-to-the-shot remake, in places. However, there are enough tweaks that I feel I can honestly add another film to my quota.

For instance, we see the cameraman this time – why is that important? I’m still not sure. [Rec] managed to humanize the disembodied character of the cameraman, Pablo, without us ever seeing him. The feel of the film is also distinctly different. It’s a bit a glossier, and has a bit more atmosphere. Characters have been subtly shifted about. There are minor scene changes and additions, such as the police gun-down scene (which, in [Rec], is used to convey the idea of a police coverup, and in Quarantine is viewed simply as a tragedy), and the scene with the infected dog in the elevator.

There are also distinct differences between the illness in [Rec] and in Quarantine. As an example, in the remake victims of the illness show more initial uneasiness and fear when approached, while in [Rec], they seem to stand perfectly still. In Quarantine the sickness is compared to rabies, and we see far more medical stuff going on – for instance, an attempt by the medical examiner to extract a brain sample from a victim. We also see clear suggestions that the illness encourages cannibalism/eating, such as a savaged animal corpse; in [Rec] we had only a few throwaway comments about victims eating flesh. Ultimately, even the investigation of the genesis of the illness includes trappings of medicine and experimentation. Escaped rats are to blame for the spread of the virus, which was apparently being developed by a secretive member of a doomsday cult. Stupid cultists, always driving down property values.

The staircase scene was much more effective in [Rec], though. In Quarantine they show a few zombies, and it’s all very “oh crap,” yes…but for some reason the way they framed it in the original film, it looked almost like an Escher print and it was like, “OH CRAP.”

Also, I just grabbed Dexter’s sister from Silverback. Bwahahahaha. She loves that show.

Links: Quarantine at IMDB
Quarantine on Wikipedia

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