Tall, Dark, and Dead – 25 – Zombi 2 / Zombie / Zombie Flesh Eaters

Title: Zombi 2 / Zombie / Zombie Flesh Eaters
Year: 1979
Director: Lucio Fulci
Leads: Tisa Farrow, Ian McCulloch

Favorite quote: “I don’t believe that the dead can come back to life!”
“And Lucas not believe that the dead be dead.”

Thoughts: My boyfriend and I decided that my unedited notes should be sufficient, this time. Mostly because my allergy medication is messing with my mind. So, here you go! Straight from the notepad!

Strikingly beautiful film, in some respects. Fakest blood ever.
What airport is that?!
Nice imposition of science directly on a location involved in voodoo. Voodoo/bite/scientific model mess.
Zombie shark!! Zombie in this scene is really freaking beautiful. Almost tentacled.



Constant juxtaposition of zombies and sex. (With Italian filmmakers, anything with sex?) So I am not the only sicko?
For me, it’s not the eye impaling, it’s the eye SCRAPING.
Question: Why the willingness to kill zombies post-transformation, but not pre-transformation? Cemetery Man, etc.
Love zombies swaddled like rag dolls.
Zombies eat placidly from the same body – no competition.
Love the shooting sound as the dead rise from their graves, like tree roots whipping about.
Looove the ending.
Primo makeup. Stiff, dessicated graveyard zombies – blood looks even faker in comparison. But absolutely beautiful. Like voodoo dolls. Arm falls off burning zombie, like dripping candle wax.
Lack of zombie personality. Yay Fulci.

Links: Zombi 2 at IMDB
Zombi 2 on Wikipedia

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