Tall, Dark, and Dead – 24 – Zombie Honeymoon

Title: Zombie Honeymoon
Year: 2004
Director: David Gebroe
Leads: Tracy Coogan, Graham Sibley

Favorite quote: “All I am TRYING to do is kill as FEW people as possible before we get on the plane tomorrow, OKAY?!”

Thoughts: Zombie Honeymoon is a simple, stark little zombie romance number that ends very, very badly for the characters involved. Danny’s transformation into a zombie is nicely couched in terms of actual human loss – and the close focus on one zombie, one “becoming,” makes the entire affair seem much more intimate and lonely. I appreciated the fact that Danny’s good intentions kept continually losing out to his new cannibalistic instincts – for while I adore stories about zombies who can control their darker impulses, I fully recognize that most could not.

While the horror and grief experienced by Denise and Danny on their honeymoon is both touching and sobering, their relationship formed pre-zombie. While most viewers will have more sympathy for them because of this, I tend to have less. Sob-worthy, for me, would be a living person losing their zombie love after years spent together despite the odds. Still, I loved their final scenes together. The care and common ritual put into Denise’s last “rite” with her husband, the sacrifice and self-control she shows, are beautiful. I loved the juxtaposition of her mundane daily sounds, such as those created by food preparation and cleaning, with the sounds of Danny’s physical violence and messy gorging.

I think that this is the first movie I’ve seen where the genesis is based on vomit infection. Nice. Zombie pukes on you, you’re screwed, man. I was also glad to see that, despite the dark tone of the movie, the creators occasionally indulged in some humor. I think this is the hallmark of the zombie genre, really – we can’t even take cannibalism seriously. Not only do we get to hear Danny lecture a living person about smoking, we get the odd Fulci t-shirt and Dead Alive reference. As it should be.

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