Tall, Dark, and Dead – 18 – Return of the Living Dead

Title: Return of the Living Dead
Year: 1985
Director:  Dan O’Bannon
Leads: Thom Mathews, Don Calfa, Linnea Quigley

Favorite quote: “Send…more…cops!”

Thoughts: So, here we go with the Return franchise. Excuse me, I’m going to need to top off my True Blood pint glass, here. (With delicious, non-alcoholic Tru Blood. Swear.)

You see, I am deeply conflicted about the Return films. On the one hand I recognize their outlandish awesomeness, love what they have to say about pollution and drug use, and respect their influence on the genre. On the other hand…I have a strong dislike of brain-eating zombies. There. I said it.

In fact, I used to outright despise Russo and O’Bannon for the “Brains!” thing (and zombies which, upon death, apparently inherent the ability to produce unthought-of PSI with their jaws – the things bite into human skulls like they’re overripe melons, for the love of God). However, I now realize that I do owe them a debt. It was Russo and O’Bannon who introduced the genre to fast zombies, as well as backing up Romero’s contributions toward zombie intelligence. For that, I am eternally grateful.

And, of course…Tar Man. They did give me Tar Man. I freaking love Tar Man. His movements, his aesthetic, his labored breathing, his knowledge of industrial winch use…God, Tar Man. You rock.





Add the great music and some awesome effects work with medical educational models (here’s an idea: Trioxin hits a Body Worlds exhibition), and I can enjoy watching it every few years or so. So all in all, not a total loss.

Links: ROTLD at IMDB
ROTLD on Wikipedia

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