Tall, Dark, and Dead – 17 – The Zombie Diaries

Title: The Zombie Diaries
Year: 2006
Director: Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates
Leads: Russell Jones, Craig Stovin

Favorite quote: “A picnic area. That’s appropriate.”

Thoughts: The previews on the The Zombie Diaries DVD were terribly entertaining. They included The Wizard of Gore (Crispin Glover! I love you!) and a film about a demon child eating its mother from the inside out, or something.

I’ve…I’ve never been part of someone’s demographic before. I think I have to sit down.

Seriously, I found this movie challenging to watch. I think it was the fact that, relatively speaking, there was little action or gore – and yet I get along with plenty of moody, introspective zombie flicks, so…I don’t know. The creators just didn’t hold the tension tight enough for me. (Your grain of salt: I hated the Blair Witch Project, to which this film has been favorably compared.)

I did appreciate the creators’ use of vignettes. The way the scenes are split apart leaves the film’s narrative unresolved until the very end, which is very clever. Ultimately the movie ends up being a serial killer story masquerading as a zombie story, which is a marvelous idea, and quite unexpected.

Silverback watched with me, and marveled at the fact that I do not use a rating system. I informed her that the point of my writeups is to create “receipts,” in a manner of speaking…a paper trail that proves that I have really watched all the zombie movies that I claim to. She ignored this line of reasoning and decided that although for her The Zombie Diaries rates 2 out of 5 intestines, she “…loved the English countryside, though.”

Links: The Zombie Diaries at IMDB
The Zombie Diaries on Wikipedia
The Zombie Diaries Official Site

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