Tall, Dark, and Dead – 16 – Lifeless

Title: Lifeless
Year: 2007-2009?
Director:  David Sasich and Eli Sasich
Leads: It took me forever to find out the names of the directors. I’m not even going to try and find the names of the actors. You need to promote yourselves, people!

Favorite quote: “I’m Randy. I own an insurance company.”

Thoughts: I guess Lifeless is technically a television pilot – but, as far as I understand, the story was first conceptualized for film. Therefore, I’m going to count it as a short. (Plus it was the only zombie film I managed to cram into my Comic-Con 2009 schedule, what with all the interminable waiting in lines, and I’m not willing to let that small achievement go.)

The story is typical zombie survivalism with an emphasis on group dynamics. More than anything, I found myself admiring the grayscale color scheme and the cinematography. Lifeless appears, especially in the opening shots, to be a zombie story told via CCTV camera, an idea which could probably be profitably pursued should the creators have the opportunity or the inclination. The zombies are also impressive; the filmmakers managed to make some great hordes with just 350 actors.

The crowd at the film festival was awesome, and I had a lot of fun. I loved being able to cheer on the gore with my people. I’d be interested in seeing Lifeless make it to television – I think the idea could really blossom if given the chance.

Links: Official Lifeless Website

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