Tall, Dark, and Dead – 14 – Diary of the Dead

Title: Diary of the Dead
Year: 2007
Director: George Romero
Leads: Michelle Morgan, Joshua Close

Favorite quote: “Inelegantly phrased, Mr. Ravello, but accurately put. Mornings… and mirrors. I despise them. Mornings and mirrors only serve to terrify old men.”

Thoughts: Weirdly enough, right before watching Diary (wherein Romero takes on the mass media), I was watching a report entitled, “CNN Uncovers America’s Worst Environmental Disaster”. It was a little eerie to leap directly from that report to a zombie movie with mockumentary elements that simultaneously derides that sort of coverage and relies upon it as a plot device.

Just saying.

While Diary comes across as quite slow after the studio-driven zombie-and-vehicle-fest that is Land of the Dead, it’s still a good film. I think I ended up enjoying it most for its cinematography. The opening is pure Romero, and the movie features some strikingly beautiful scenes. I was particularly impressed by a zombie slaying amidst autumn leaves by a girl in a long white dress.

Unfortunately, the film also comes across in several scenes as Romero mimicking Romero – a little cheesy, for lack of a better term, and not in a good way. Romero is still a clear, compelling, and articulate writer, though, so I can’t help but assume that these moments must have been at least somewhat deliberate.

I am watching way too much of this stuff. Apparently the plot of this film is meant to take place at the same time as the original Night, and I managed to identify the sound clips re-used from NoTLD at first hear. Sad. But also awesome.

Because the film is pre-Day, the zombies aren’t as “evolved.” They lacked personality and ambition. At least we had Samuel, Deaf Amish Scythe Superstar, to save the day.

Diary of the Dead at IMDB
Diary of the Dead on Wikipedia
Homepage of the Dead

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