Tall, Dark, and Dead – 13 – Land of the Dead

Title: Land of the Dead
Year: 2005
Director: George Romero
Leads: Simon Baker, Dennis Hopper, Eugene Clark

Favorite quote:
Mike: “They’re pretending to be alive…”
Riley: “Isn’t that what we’re doing? Pretending to be alive?”

Thoughts: I continue to mess with my mother’s mind.

Me: Haha. That guy you think is cute in The Mentalist is in my zombie movie.
Silverback: What you say?!
Me: And we recently took Thomas Jane, too! Soon I shall be able to play One Degree of Separation with all your crushes!

I like Land of the Dead, if only because it’s the type of movie I can pop in and cheer all the way through, or curl up and watch when I’m sick. For one reason, and one reason only.

Big Daddy.

If Bub is the Adam of the zombie world, Big Daddy is its Moses. Clark’s performance is phenomenal. Big Daddy’s ability not only to learn, remember, and process information (well enough to make a plan of attack against a deferred target and convey this to his fellow zombies), but to motivate, is incredible. And of course, I side with the zoms. The living have been attacking them; why not retaliate? Makes sense to me. I love Romero’s quip in the extra features. “Yeah, they’re not taking s**t anymore.”

Unfortunately, I think this installment in the series suffers from its own high production values. After watching Land it’s very hard to get into Diary, which is a slower film that takes place, plot-wise, at the same time as Night. (Did you catch all that?) But that might just be me craving more intelligent zombie antics.


Land of the Dead at IMDB

Land of the Dead on Wikipedia
Homepage of the Dead

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