Tall, Dark, and Dead – Intermission – Zombie Pizza

Today, I ordered pizza.

Now, in case you weren’t aware, Domino’s has this stalkerific online ordering system whereby you can track your pizza’s progress, olive by olive.



(Adam does, indeed, rock.)

After I placed my order, Adam called me to verify something. As long as I had him on the phone, I decided to up the ante.

“Can you make a pattern with the pepperoni slices?” I asked.
“Uh…I can try,” he replied.
“Can you make a big heart with a Z in the middle? I’m trying to watch every zombie movie ever, and I figure I’m going to be noshing on this while I take in some Romero.”

I wasn’t sure if he’d do it. But when Barbara, the delivery lady, showed up, she told me, “Adam said to tell you that he tried, but it got a little messed up.”

I opened the box.



It was beautiful.

Thank you, Adam and Barbara. You guys are awesome.

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