Tall, Dark, and Dead – 9 – Boy Eats Girl

Title: Boy Eats Girl
Year: 2005
Director: Stephen Bradley
Leads: David Leon, Samantha Mumba

Favorite quote: “How does being Irish make you feel?”

Thoughts: Maybe I’m still a little crazed from the last zombie movie I watched. Maybe I’m a little shrill, here, a little hysterical. Maybe I’m viewing Boy Eats Girl as my savior, the movie that reached down and wrenched me from the pit of despair into which Nudist Colony of the Dead hurled me. The movie that taught me to love again. But you watch Nudist Colony without developing an inappropriate, passionate, foaming-at-the-mouth attachment to the next pure thing you see. I dare you.

Bless you, Nathan, heroic teenage Irish schoolboy zombie. Bless you.

I’m even willing to overlook the fact that in this film the voodoo model has seduced the bite-transmission model and produced some bastardized zombie form that can be cured with snake venom. That’s how desperate I am.

Sincerely, I adored this film. It has hilarious writing, great acting, and a fun (if weird) plot. Honestly, I really liked how they got the voodoo in there. It was clever. They even capped the entire thing off with a souped-up homage to the lawnmower scene in Dead Alive, thereby ensuring my undying loyalty.

Nathan is also a fantastic example of a noble zombie. Although he’s cured at the end (sigh), during the course of the film he demonstrates fortitude, honesty, and heroism. He’s a good guy. I love this. Alas, in my view, his cure cheapens the movie’s romance, but I doubt the average viewer is going to angst over this.

Links:Boy Eats Girl at IMDB
Boy Eats Girl on Wikipedia

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